Friday, August 1, 2008

Elephant House Party

Thanks to Allahpundit at HotAir, I just heard that our GOP representatives decided to stay in the House until they can pass the energy policy bill. Speaker Pelosi appears to be acting like a mother with rambunctious kids, by turning the lights and microphones off. Let's just say the party's just getting started. Heck, they ordered pizza!

Rep. Tom Cole (Okla.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said the dimly lit chamber is a "vision of the future by the Democrat Party: The lights are out, there's no power, and the air conditioning is gonna go off soon."

Good one.

More updates at Redstate

Politico has four parts of coverage here and here.
and the third update, featuring representatives coming back with quips in hand. The atmosphere gets wild in part four.

Apparently, there was a delay, and they closed the event at 5.

They just finished the press conference. Still staying as far as I know. Looks like the police thing was just a threat.

It's after 5 Eastern, and they are holding the fort and bring people down. It is on CSPAN-2 currently.

As far as I know they are still there as 4:45 Eastern.

I said Pelosi was acting like a Mom. Maybe Mommy Dearest might have been more appropriate. WLS at Patterico describes the Dear (majority) Leader threatening to call in the cops at 4:30 PM Eastern to clear the place out. This will get... interesting.

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