Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brett Kimberlin's Lawfare

Brett Kimberlin, convicted terrorist bomber, pathological liar, and all-around psychopath, has decided that the First amendment does not apply to people who talk about him. He has relentlessly sued the excellent blogger Aaron Walker (blogs under Aaron Worthing) and even attempted to frame him for a crime. This all started because he gave minor free legal help to another Kimberlin critic.

Aaron wasn't the only one targeted. For trying to document the funding sources of Kimberlin's non-profit organizations, R. S. McCain was forced to flee to an undisclosed location. Other bloggers like Patterico and Liberty Chick have also been attacked.

This type of legal harassment is outright evil. This isn't about right and left, this is about right and wrong, as a commenter said. Anyone concerned about free speech and the rule of law should stand up against this assault. Thus, I have dusted off my old blog to provide a list of supporters and to show my support. Breibart News has more disturbing details on Brett's ties to large left wing foundations. Supporters below.
Michelle Malkin
Ed Morrissey of Hot Air
Day by Day
Herman Cain
Ace of Spades
The Jawa Report
Belmont Club
Lee Stranahan
Protein Wisdom
Little Miss Attila
Five Feet of Fury
Bob Owens
Pierre LeGrande
Film Ladd
Dan Collins
Point of Law
Blazing Catfur
The American Catholic
The Lonely Conservative

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