Sunday, April 29, 2007

Victory or Death

It seems Harry Reid, with his vast experience in matters of strategy and the Middle East geopolitical climate, has declared the war in Iraq is lost. Strangely, General David Petraeus, the current military commander for Iraq, has a different view. I think I'll just trust the counterinsurgency expert on this one.

Not everyone is on the popular new bandwagon stating that the war in Iraq is lost. In fact, some people are dedicated to victory in the War on Terror.

The Victory Caucus

Victory PAC

No End But Victory

On a side note, victory in the Long War also requires that we defeat Islamism, (aka Islamic Fundamentalism, aka Jihadism, aka radical Islam) the brutal ideology that fuels Al Qaeda. This is not impossible, and those of an astute mind can turn themselves around. Like this guy.

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Jason H. Bowden said...

I find it striking that Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House, will fly around the world to suck up to a sponsor of terror like Assad, but couldn't make Petraeus's congressional briefing.

Whose side is she on?